The City of Newport, RI has expanded their use of Hectronic NA, a Mobile Smart City Company Citea Color Touch Parking Kiosk for their Easton Beach Facility. This expansion provides the Beach Facility the flexibility to serve an support their beach goers with a quicker way to pay, eliminating the time it takes to enter the lots.

“We are thrilled that the City of Newport has found our solution to be the most complete solution to meet their requirements.” comments John J. Incandela, CEO and President of Mobile Smart City.  “Our state of the art Color Touch Screen shows how far technology has come, gives customers and users a flexible application that can integrate seamlessly with other technologies, most importantly we take this into account with all our customers, since we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Our open solutions provide more benefits to our customers.

The City of Newport first installed the Hectronic Kiosks in 2018 and has seen a significant increase in revenues and a reduction in operating costs. For more information or call 1-844-726-4644