Virtual Parking Permits


Easily to set up, issue, track, and manage parking permits for individuals, groups, or properties. No matter how com­plex your business rules are, Pango permit management maintains the flexibility to configure each process to best suit your operational needs.

Using Pango’s Permit Solution a user will go to our web­site and create an account and then buy the permit based on their license plate. Once purchased they are good to go! Permits can be set up for 24/7 or limited to days and hours. When enforcement checks the license plate it will tell you if they are good (parking within authorized parking day & times) or illegally parked and a ticket can be issued. Permits can be issued daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Permits can also be turned off quickly if requested by Operator.

Our permit management solution gives you the flex­ibility to manage permits. With using license plate-based permits as a unique identifier you can now stream line your enforcement process. No more tickets being issued to a permitted vehicle because a permit or decal cannot be located.