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Pango Mobile Parking with Pay by Phone technology gives you a smarter and easier way to park and pay. No longer do you have to look for change, deal with parking machines or worry about a costly parking ticket. With Pango Mobile Parking, you can park and Pay-by-Phone quickly and easily using your iPhone, Blackberry, Android Phone or any other cell phone and customize your Pango mobile parking account to suit your needs. Before your parking time expires, you will receive a text message so you can get back to your car or extend your parking time. Pango Mobile Parking is used in more than 47 large cities around the world with more than one 1,300,000 Pay-by-Phone transactions per month and more than 700,000 highly satisfied customers. Sign up today.

Neil Edwards | President

Neil Edwards has spent more than a quarter century on the leading edge of the technology industry, having built successful, venture-backed mobile, internet and software companies in the United States and abroad. ….

Dani Shavit | Executive Vice President

Since 2010, relocating with the family to the US, Dani was a licensee of Pango Mobile Parking in the states of PA, MD and DC in the USA. Responsible for the establishment, localization and introduction of the Pango system to the US market…

Michael E. Brown | Director of Finance

Prior to joining Pango USA, Brown was Interim Chief Financial Officer of Parkmobile USA Inc., a mobile payment parking technology company.
Brown has multi-industry Finance and Accounting accomplishments in retail, logistics and manufacturing companies, combined….

Patrick Tobin | Vice President of Operations

Patrick Tobin brings nearly a decade and half of industry experience to the Pango team, having managed all aspects of operations for some of the nation’s largest parking providers….

Roy Arad | Vice President of Business Development

Roy Arad has more than a decade of experience helping internet and enterprise software companies succeed.Roy previously co-founded Tigon Software, an online gaming and social networking company…

Management Team


Pango is always seeking to hire skilled personnel who can contribute to Pango’s fast growth in the US market.

If you believe in your capability to think out of the box, if you are adventurous and courageous and want to join a dynamic team, send us your resume and we’ll get back to if you are the right fit for Pango. Our open positions are listed below.

Current Open Positions:

  • VP – Technology
  • Street Team – Latrobe, PA


Pango is seeking to collaborate with wide range of partners in order to increase the value proposition of the Pango system. If your company is willing to join the newest technology in the payment industry in the US, contact us and join our journey to change the parking industry.

  • Parking authorities – Contact Pango for a specific ROA analysis for your city.
  • Parking providers – If you are a parking provider and we haven’t been in contact with you yet, please contact us
  • New technologies – Use the Pango platform to implement your technology to the parking payment industry.
  • Investors – Pango is seeking for smart investors who understand the potential of our business and are interested to ramp up with us in the US.

For Individuals

Pango Pay-by-Phone Technology gives you a smarter and easier way to park…

For Business

Pango Pay-by-Phone Technology offers your business a better way to manage parking…

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