The Pango Wallet gives you the option to store funds on your account to pay for Pango services.
The Pango Wallet is pre-loaded with funds deposited by the Pango user to be used for paid Pango services. The cost of Pango services will be charged to the Wallet balance whenever Pango Wallet is selected as your payment option
To use the Pango Wallet, Pango users must select Wallet as a payment option under the “My Account” tab. Upon selecting the Wallet, users must select a Top-Up amount to deposit into the wallet. This wallet balance can then be used to purchase Pango services.
The auto-renew feature will make sure that your wallet is never empty when you need it. Auto-renew will automatically top-up your Wallet balance by the chosen amount once your balance goes below the $5.00 threshold. This feature can be turned on/off from the Wallet Settings menu.
Yes! Pango users may switch between credit card or wallet payment options in the “Payment Info” menu, under the “My Account” tab on the Pango app.
Yes! The Pango Wallet is a great option for purchasing a Pango Save subscription.

Pango Wallet users get a premier pricing of only $0.99 a month!

Pango will return all unused deposited funds upon the customer’s request within 20 business days. All parking and processing fees for parking sessions will be deducted before refunded. A 5% processing fee will be deducted from your funds to process this refund transaction.

Refunds will be sent to the original funding source selected. Top-Ups made with a Paypal or Venmo account will be refunded directly to the account that was originally authorized.